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Listography- Guilty Pleasures

August 16, 2011

Kate Takes 5 has set this listography and I couldn’t resist, any chance to air my mentalness quirky personality. So here goes:

1. Scandinavian Power Pop or any Power Pop. You know songs that are so happy they make your teeth hurt. Songs that make the sun shine. Songs that 17-year-old goth you will never ever forgive you for liking. Songs like this:

2. Eating carbs in bed. Pretty much any carb will do. Crisps are the favorite but toast is also a contender. Essentially anything that leaves nearly intolerable amounts of crumbs. Preferably while reading classic literature, Trollop anyone? This has been a little bit curtailed by the arrival of Maddie -Ane as dropping potato based snacks on your childs face while they breastfeed is probably some sort of abuse, or at least Not On.

3. Dodgy B list movies about ‘Invasion of the …’ or ‘Attack of the…..’ and not just the old classic ones, oh no. I am happy with brand new made for the Sci-fi channel drivel. If I can’t find one of these an overblown disaster movie will do but only if it’s beyond improbable or has a budget of 10 pence.

4. Buying books. Sometimes the same book because I can no longer remember which books I might have. I have joined the library to prevent any further book buying binges. I also got a kindle so books didn’t take over all of the available living space. But I am a wiley one and have managed to get around this self-imposed book buying embargo by just buying books for Maddie-Ane. No willpower at all.

5. Super Noodles. No I dont want to discuss it. Yes I know. Vile.

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  1. August 23, 2011 6:20 pm

    Great list! I really identify with the books! I don’t buy books for me much anymore but the children’s shelves are overflowing. Hopefully I’ll have a big enough house one day to have a library or study.
    Love Trollope as well. Fantastic books

  2. Nanny Joy permalink
    August 31, 2011 12:39 pm

    This is hereditary. Gets it from her Dad who is a master muncher of mini cheddars and unsalted crisps which find their way into the bed!! After 35 years we’re fighting a loosing battle.

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